We are a force. A magnetic force. A force to be reckoned
with. We seek the seasons, the South swells and the
nuking powder. We seek movement and see change.
We’re progressive. Driven. Impatient. Now. Our
inertia propels us forward, and we won’t be stopped.
Whether it’s wind, waves, snow, streets, or stereotypes,
we rock our own vibes without trepidation. Our
style flows from real. Purists. Originators. Competitors.
Champions. We move united, taking the lead from
those girls before us. We are trailblazers, natural
beauties and global gypsies grooving through this life
under sunburnt skies. Here’s an invitation to join our
trip. To put your heart into it. To draw new lines and
to show others that they can do the same.